Search the Gene Database

Our gene database contains too many entries to list them all. Rather, we invite you to search through our gene database by entering data into one of the following text fields and then clicking the associated button.

The first text field, Gene Symbol, accepts either typed or pasted input and will suggest completions based on the characters you enter that match the gene symbols in our database. Searching on this field is activated by clicking on the "Symbol" button, If no completions are shown, no entries in our database match your criteria.

The second text field, Gene Name, will search the database for gene names that match the string you have entered. The wildcard symbol '*' may be used to indicate "match zero or more characters at this position". As an example, consider the search string "foo* bar". This will match "foobas bar" as well as "foo bar" but not "foobar". This latter result is because spaces internal to the search string are significant. This field does not do auto completion. Searching on this field is initiated by clicking on the 'Gene Name' button.

The third text field, Entrex Gene Id, will return the gene with the indicated Entrez Gene Id, if such exists within our database.

When results are returned, the first column, Symbol, will contain the symbol name for the indicated gene. The second column, Name, lists the name of the gene as contained in our database. The next column, Chromosome, indicates on which chromosome the gene is found. The next column, Entrez Gene Id, is the Id of the gene in the NCBI database. It also serves as a link to the relevant page at the NCBI web site. The final column, MGI Index, is the gene's index, if such exists, into the Mouse Genome Informatics database. Clicking on this field will open the page on MGI's web site containing information about the gene.

The Clear form button clears the input fields but leaves the previous results visible. This behavior facilitates copy/paste from the results into the input fields to refine searches.

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