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While exploring this site, sooner or later, you will come across a full-screen image of a brain section (for an example, click here).

General Navigation
On the right, we see a screenshot of the image viewer that is used on this site to view full-screen images of brain sections. The navigation through images is meant to be as intuitive as possible: you can drag and drop the image to pan. You can zoom in and out using the 'Zoom in' and 'Zoom out' buttons in the upper left, or by using your mouse scroll wheel. The left and right arrow keys allow you to load the Next/Previous sections. The 'url' icon in the upper right is for obtaining the current URL of the section you are viewing, including position and zoom information. The 'misc' button in the upper right contains miscellaneous functions, including the ability to view the current section in alternative Flash or Java viewers.

Note that there are also the following key-bindings and wheel events:
+/- Zoom in/out
arrow keys,
Move to adjacent sections
mouse wheel either zooms in/out or moves to adjacent sections
Labels and Searching
Many images contain labels of brain areas and brain objects. Clicking on these labels will bring up a dialog box with the full name of the label, and also additional options such as "parse pubmed" and searching the entire dataset for other instances of that label. This is shown in the figure to the right. Using the "parse pubmed" option is often useful when you want additional information over a brain area or brain object. When searching for brain areas and brain objects, the term searched for will be shown in red to distinguish it from other labels. This is also shown in the figure to the right for the label, "Sb".
Parse Pubmed
The image viewer features complete integration with the research literature through its "parse pubmed" option, shown in the figure to the right. The "parse pubmed" option appears when a label of a brain area or brain object is clicked on, and if the "parse pubmed" option is selected, a window will appear with parsed Pubmed results for the given brain area or brain object. Note that this window may be closed using the "x" in the upper right.
Tree Widget
The tree symbol in the upper right will open a labeling hierarchy, as shown in the figure below, which enables navigation through the dataset using the labeling hierarchy. Note that when the tree symbol is first clicked on, the background to the labeling hierarchy is transparent. Clicking on the tree symbol again will generate a background behind the labeling hierarchy, and clicking the tree symbol a third time will turn off the labeling hierarchy.
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