Commissura Anterior

One of these zones, consisting of recessus infundibulus, recessus opticus and the adjacent regions up to Commissura Anterior, is likely to exist in the general population.  

Plane of the striatum in the level of the Commissura Anterior showed high correlation with total striatal volume (p < 0.0001, r = 0.668). The percentual portion of striatal volume at the level of the Commissura Anterior (1 cm thick slice) does not differ statistically between males and females. From one MRI, from one frontal slice in the level of the Commissura Anterior is possible to reduce total volume of the striatum for every examined individual.  

In the group administered FT, vacuolation of the cerebral fornix and Commissura Anterior was observed in 1 animal, but no changes were observed in other examinations.  

A hitherto unrecognized supracommissural part of the Nucleus accumbens dorsal to the Commissura Anterior is contiguous to the medial and lateral parts of the Nucleus interstitialis striae terminalis.  

Throughout the lives of the mice, the ecotropic MuLV RNA-positive cells were primarily located in well-defined white-matter tracts of the brain (Commissura Anterior, corpus callosum, fimbria hippocampi, optical tract, and striatum) and of the spinal cord.  

Visual input was confined to one hemisphere by unilaterally sectioning the optic tract, the corpus callosum and the Commissura Anterior.  

Homozygous newborn brains showed hydrocephaly, some gyri on the cerebral hemisphere, absence of the corpus callosum, absence of the Commissura Anterior, absence of the fornix and commissura fornicis, protuberance of the cortical tissue from the brain surface, and abnormal architecture of the hippocampus.  

In the Commissura Anterior the myelin sheaths of the axons are significantly thinner in treated than in control animals. Area and total DNA of glial nuclei are unaltered in both the genu and the Commissura Anterior of treated rats.  

As it was not always possible to localize the Commissura Anterior, the anterior border of the recessus preopticus was chosen to determine, together with the commissura posterior, the reference horizontal plane.  

Most pyramidal cells in the deep part of layer II and layer III are typical pyramidal cells with axons entering the Commissura Anterior. Some pyramidal cell axons bifurcate into two branches running in opposite directions in the Commissura Anterior.  

Some FMRFi fibres traversed through the Commissura Anterior while others occurred close to the hypothalamic nuclei, in the medial layers of the tectum opticum, in the brain stem, in the vagal lobe and in the ventral medulla oblongata.  

FMRFamide fibres occurred in the bulbus olfactorius, in the anterior, medial and lateral parts of the telencephalon, in the Commissura Anterior, beneath the nucleus praeopticus, beneath the nucleus dorsomedialis, ventrolis and anterior tuberis as well as in the caudal hypothalamus, surrounding the nucleus recessus lateralis and posterior.  

Intermediate to low concentrations of receptors were indicated in cortex, amygdala, hypothalamus, claustrum, and septal area, whereas the lowest binding was found in white matter tracts (Commissura Anterior, corpus callosum).  

One group of scattered, green fluorescent cerebrospinal-fluid (CSF)-contacting neurons is located rostral to the Commissura Anterior.  

Cell cycle parameters, as well as the mode of proliferation of glial cells, in four different areas of the brain of the 14-day-old rat (cortex, corpus callosum, nucleus caudatus putamen and Commissura Anterior) were studied using different cell kinetic methods after injection of [ 3H]TdR and/or [ 14C]TdR.  

The EPs in the rabbit Amygdala were recorded after chronic (5 weeks) deafferentation following section of stria terminalis, Commissura Anterior and the ipsilateral frontal lobe cortex.  

In anesthetized rabbits of 2-3-month age, stimulation of 24, 23, 29 limbic fields evoked potentials of the maximal amplitude in dorsomedial parts of the caudate nucleus ahead of the Commissura Anterior junction.  

Sagittal transections of the corpus callosum and Commissura Anterior, or of the mesencephalic decussations or of the thalamic massa intermedia were made to investigate mechanisms involved in the reciprocal regulation of the two dopaminergic pathways.  

In the course of cytoarchitectonic studies on the hypothalamus of the fowl, 6 cell masses which may be respectively considered as one nucleus, were newly found around the Commissura Anterior (CA).  

It has been recorded the extracellular field potentials of the frog's olfactory bulb produced by electrical stimulation of the Commissura Anterior and small branches of the olfactory nerve.  

The electrodes of digging and/or licking groups were localized historogically in the vicinity of the Commissura Anterior..  

At 72 to 96 h postinoculation, degeneration of neurons and glial cells were remarkable in the tructus olfactorius, cortex of lobus piriformis, septa pellucidum and Commissura Anterior accompanying meningitis.  

Serial sections cut in the transverse plane display the field approximately within the limits of the Commissura Anterior on the one hand and the corpora mamillaria on the other, where it occupies large parts of the dorsal wall of the gyrus cinguli (lower bank of sulcus cinguli) and a small area of the adjacent superior frontal gyrus.  

In front of the Commissura Anterior, we can see: the Nucleus ventroventralis and the Nucleus ventrodorsalis, on the one hand; a voluminous dorsal area which includes: the Nucleus dorsolateralis, the Nucleus dorsomedialis, the Nucleus dorsocentralis and the dorso and ventro-lateral groups, on the other hand. Behind the plan of the Commissura Anterior, the Nucleus posterior is already seeing at the end of the first month after the hatching.  

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