Nucleus Spiriformis Medialis

Four pretectal nuclei of the chick brain, namely, the nucleus pretectalis, the nucleus spiriformis lateralis, the Nucleus Spiriformis Medialis, and the nucleus lentiformis mesencephali, were included in the study, and they all showed AMPA-positive neurons.  

Furthermore, expression of PACAP message was observed within the bed nucleus of the pallial commissure, Nucleus Spiriformis Medialis, optic tectum, cerebellar cortex, olfactory bulbs, and several nuclei within the brainstem (dorsal vagal and parabrachial complex, reticular formation).  

Cells that project to the cerebellar cortex in the diencephalic primary visual nuclei and in other grisea, like the Nucleus Spiriformis Medialis and the nucleus dorsofrontalis, colocalized with those that appeared to be immunolabeled intensely with anti-CaR antiserum.  

Based on cytoarchitectural and HRP results, the pretectum of the adult hen was divided into the following eight nuclei: nucleus principalis pretectalis (P), nucleus subpretectalis (SP), nucleus principalis precommissuralis (PPC), nucleus medialis pretectalis (PTM), nucleus pretectalis dorsalis (APd), nucleus area pretectalis (AP), nucleus spiriformis lateralis (SPL), and Nucleus Spiriformis Medialis (SPM).  

The nucleus spiriformis lateralis also contained cholinergic fibers, while most of the cell bodies in the Nucleus Spiriformis Medialis were cholinergic.  

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