Periamygdaloid Area

Activation related to the processing of faces with positive expressions were observed in the left periamygdaloid area and temporal pole, although emotional information did not have an influence on task performance in this study.  

The finding of deficits in all three surgical groups suggests that damage in the anterior temporal area, perhaps in piriform cortex, is sufficient to disrupt performance on this task; it may be that function is disrupted in the medial temporal-lobe region by disconnection when the periamygdaloid area is damaged, even when amygdala and hippocampus are left intact.  

Taken together, these data show that the retina communicates directly with the periamygdaloid area, where photic and chemosensory information may be integrated to modulate reproductive behavior..  

Target areas receiving contralateral projections exclusively were the periamygdaloid area (labeled only in Setifer), the terminal accessory nuclei including the n.  

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